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Art Journal: All Right in the End

Art Journal: All Right in the End 1
The topic was “all right in the end.”
It is nice to remember that whatever we set our minds to do cannot go wrong as long as it is well-intended. Whatever happens along the way is just an evolution, not a mistake.

Art Journal: All Right in the End 2
The funny thing is that I exactly went through an experience of “all right in the end” as I worked on this particular art journal page. First I used colored pencils for the background, but it didn’t look right. So I covered it with Pan Pastels, but still it didn’t look right. I painted over it with acrylics and was fairly satisfied with it. I then stamped some images but didn’t like them, so I further painted with acrylics to hide them. I cut out heart shapes from washi and collaged them in addition to some patterned papers and washi tapes. I had to do lots of layers, but they turned out to be “all right in the end.” The page now looks strong and colorful.

Art Journal: All Right in the End 3
This is the page I did three years ago.
In the beginning, I thought I totally flopped on this page. Watercolor on gessoed page didn’t look right. But as I went on with collage, things started to look good, so I decided that the theme of this page was “all right in the end.” It is actually one of my favorite pages now.

So don’t worry if what you are doing now is right or wrong because even what seems wrong now might turn out to be “all right in the end.” Just keep going, and a happy surprise might be waiting for you.

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Art Journal: Forgive

Art Joural: Forgive 1
The topic was “Forgive.”
OK…forgive is such a simple word and yet a profound theme for me…
I would like to be forgiving, but sometimes it takes a great effort, so I needed art journal pages to remind me of the importance of forgiving, and eventually its sweetness.

For the background, I painted turquoise and blue in gradation. Then I took out a piece of paper and did some cut work. I partially cut the figures of flowers and a ribbon. I pulled up the cut parts a bit so that they would look 3-dimensional. I outlined the figures in pearl white acrylic, and I cut the sides of the paper with decorative scissors.

Art Journal Forgive 2
Before I placed the paper with the cut work, I painted some silver on the page and put some paper lace coasters that I had painted in pale blue so that everything would look coherent. I further decorated the cut work paper with some paper laces and jewel stickers. I finally added the word FORGIVE.

Art Journal: Forgive 3
This is the page from three years ago. The background was painted in gansai, the Japanese traditional paint in muted colors. I collaged the paper coasters, flowers, jewel stickers, pearl embellishments and an angel sticker. I drew some scrolls and added the word FORGIVE.

It’s a good thing that I now have something to look at when I need to be forgiving.

Thanks for stopping by.

Art Journal: Observe and Accept

Art Journal: Observe and Accept 1
The topic was “Observe and Accept.”
Observe and accept is a very important attitude that I should keep in mind, for I tend to look at things rather critically.
I often tell myself that I should just try to find the nice side of the things and enjoy them for what they are.
Things would go better for me if I just observe and accept something without criticizing or disliking it from the beginning. I may not agree to it, but criticizing doesn’t get me anywhere, either.

Art Journal: Observe and Accept 3
For the background, first I drew some plant-like patterns in pearl-color gansai, the Japanese paint. Then I colored the page with Pan Pastel of the matching colors. The page had a relaxing mood. I therefore didn’t want to cover up the page with stuffs to hide the background and yet wanted to have some kind of movement. I decided to create a shaker box with a transparent, sturdy plastic bag with some colorful beads in it. I wrote some words on the page so that they would be visible through the shaker box. I attached the shaker box with washi tapes.

Art Journal: Observe and Accept 2
This is the page I created three years ago. The background was also painted in pearl-color gansai. The whole page was kept in a quiet mood in pink, icy blue and silver with an old photo of a pensive girl. That was my image of observing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Art Journal: Live in the Moment

Art Journal: Live in the Moment 1
The topic was “Live in the Moment.”
I used to regret things that I had done or hadn’t done, or think too much about the past or the future, any time that was not “NOW.”
I think I don’t do that anymore, but I wanted to remind myself how it was important to focus on NOW and live in the moment.
I also added what my son said at one time, “There is always enough time.”

Art Journal: Live in the Moment 2
For this page, I collaged peach, creamy yellow and muted green torn washi papers and painted in gold and silver acrylics. When the background was initially done, it didn’t look unified at all. I thought for a while and decided to create flowers with the same washi papers, together with a book page and collaged on top. The book page somehow bridged the background and flowers, and I was satisfied with how it turned out. I found a label of the matching colors from my stash and put some words on it. I cut one side of the page with one of my decorative scissors and added a gold butterfly for the finishing touch.

Art Journal: Live in the Moment 3
This is the page I created three years ago. This is a simple collage, but it is soothing for me to look at, as if it is telling me to take it easy, whatever it is. The background was done with colored pencils in light orange and violet gradation. This is one of my favorite color combinations that reminds me of the dusk.

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Art Journal: God Within

Art Journal God Within 1

The topic was “God Within.”
The God Within is the Greater Source of some sort, to which everyone belongs.
It’s the real base of who you are and what you do, say or think.
It has nothing to do with any particular religions.
If I’m in trouble, I’ll ask myself how the God Within will handle the matter.

So, my art has to be pure for this topic, in my opinion.
I made the background with Pan Pastel, and I really like how the rose drawing has come about.
Art Journal God Within 2

I then collaged on it in the unified orange and gold color.
I think the girl looks so pretty and yet looks strong-minded, which is what I really like about her.
The tiara sticker happened to be just right for her.

Art Journal God Within 3
This is the art journal page of three years ago under the same topic.
Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations.
Well, OK, I admit it is kinda similar to the new one.
But that’s OK because it shows how I see my God Within, in a literal sense.
I like this cute girl, too, and she is my angel.

Thanks for stopping by.

Art Journal: Free-flowing Mind

Art Journal Free-Flowing Mind 2013
The topic was “Free-flowing Mind.”
Free –flowing mind is very important for me because I tend to get stuck if I think about something too much or get too serious.
The key is to stay open-minded and easy-going.
Art Journal Free-Flowing Mind 2 2013

For the background, I first used Pan Pastel. I like the translucent colors provided by Pan Pastel.
Then I drew lines in colored pencils and markers.
I wrote the words and did some collage of butterflies and stars.

I first called it done at that point, but the pastel and colored pencil art was somewhat static.
So I drew the lines again in acrylics to create more movement and also colored the butterflies in acrylics.

Art Journal Free-Flowing Mind 2009
This was the art journal page of three years ago under the same topic.
I collaged the washi paper and stuff, stamped and drew in gansai, the Japanese traditional colors, so it was more or less like “West meets East,” which I thought represented “free-flowing mind.”

Thanks for stopping by.

Art Journal Second Round

久しぶりにArt Journal (アート・ジャーナル)に取り組んでいます。

This was the art journal I made two years ago.
I was going through it the other day and decided to make another art journal based on the exact same topics.
Art Journal

Art Journal

Art Journal





For the new art journal, I made the entire background pages to work on.
Art Journal


Art Journal
Like this.
Now let's see what I will do with them.




Pan Pasterl  パンパステル





Digital Art Journal: Forest


Forest at Daytime I


Forest at Daytime II

Forest at Night I

Forest at Night II

Digital Art Journal: Sparkling Lake


Sparkling Lake I



Sparkling Lake II



I love creating with my hands such as stitching, knitting, crocheting, beading, scrapbooking and paper crafting. I also love prettey vintage items such as laces, ribbons, buttons and boxes. Thanks for stopping by!

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