Art Journal: Live in the Moment

Art Journal: Live in the Moment 1
The topic was “Live in the Moment.”
I used to regret things that I had done or hadn’t done, or think too much about the past or the future, any time that was not “NOW.”
I think I don’t do that anymore, but I wanted to remind myself how it was important to focus on NOW and live in the moment.
I also added what my son said at one time, “There is always enough time.”

Art Journal: Live in the Moment 2
For this page, I collaged peach, creamy yellow and muted green torn washi papers and painted in gold and silver acrylics. When the background was initially done, it didn’t look unified at all. I thought for a while and decided to create flowers with the same washi papers, together with a book page and collaged on top. The book page somehow bridged the background and flowers, and I was satisfied with how it turned out. I found a label of the matching colors from my stash and put some words on it. I cut one side of the page with one of my decorative scissors and added a gold butterfly for the finishing touch.

Art Journal: Live in the Moment 3
This is the page I created three years ago. This is a simple collage, but it is soothing for me to look at, as if it is telling me to take it easy, whatever it is. The background was done with colored pencils in light orange and violet gradation. This is one of my favorite color combinations that reminds me of the dusk.

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I love creating with my hands such as stitching, knitting, crocheting, beading, scrapbooking and paper crafting. I also love prettey vintage items such as laces, ribbons, buttons and boxes. Thanks for stopping by!

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