Art Journal: Forgive

Art Joural: Forgive 1
The topic was “Forgive.”
OK…forgive is such a simple word and yet a profound theme for me…
I would like to be forgiving, but sometimes it takes a great effort, so I needed art journal pages to remind me of the importance of forgiving, and eventually its sweetness.

For the background, I painted turquoise and blue in gradation. Then I took out a piece of paper and did some cut work. I partially cut the figures of flowers and a ribbon. I pulled up the cut parts a bit so that they would look 3-dimensional. I outlined the figures in pearl white acrylic, and I cut the sides of the paper with decorative scissors.

Art Journal Forgive 2
Before I placed the paper with the cut work, I painted some silver on the page and put some paper lace coasters that I had painted in pale blue so that everything would look coherent. I further decorated the cut work paper with some paper laces and jewel stickers. I finally added the word FORGIVE.

Art Journal: Forgive 3
This is the page from three years ago. The background was painted in gansai, the Japanese traditional paint in muted colors. I collaged the paper coasters, flowers, jewel stickers, pearl embellishments and an angel sticker. I drew some scrolls and added the word FORGIVE.

It’s a good thing that I now have something to look at when I need to be forgiving.

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I love creating with my hands such as stitching, knitting, crocheting, beading, scrapbooking and paper crafting. I also love prettey vintage items such as laces, ribbons, buttons and boxes. Thanks for stopping by!

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